FAQ Authors

    • What is Contentmarketingsuite?

Contentmarketingsuite is the first content marketplace created in Italy.

    • What are the advantages of Contentmarketingsuite?

Contentmarketingsuite allows you to write on a variety of topics. Every day there are hundreds of jobs available, your articles will be distributed on sites with high visibility and you can see how much you will be paid for each article written immediately, with no nasty surprises at the end.

    • When does Contentmarketingsuite pay you for your services?

Contentmarketingsuite pays out every Monday. Basic requirements for receiving payments are:

      • Completing step 1 (mandatory data) and step 3 (entirely), i.e. indispensable data to access the available articles
      • to have accrued the sum of €25
    • How to contact Contentmarketingsuite?

To contact Contentmarketingsuite, all you have to do is send an email to info@Contentmarketingsuite.com For general assistance or any other information.

    • How to be paid?

Paypal is the only payment method provided by Contentmarketingsuite. If you do not have a Paypal account, please visit www.paypal.com/uk

    • What sort of articles can I find on Contentmarketingsuite?

There are all sorts of articles:

      • Information and news
      • Guides, tutorials and howto instructions
      • Tips
      • Opinions
      • Video Game Tricks
      • Product Sheets
      • Video Transcriptions
      • and everything else our Publishers think up
    • Are there any guidelines for authors?

Sure and they have to be followed scrupulously. Remember that every rejected article brings you negative feedback. If you receive 3 negative feedbacks (rejections) in the same category, you will be excluded.

    • If I am excluded from a category, will I be able to be reinstated?

Of course, you can be reinstated simply by accumulating positive feedback. An email notification will alert you when a penalty has been removed.

    • If I write articles copied from other sources, would you notice?

Copying articles from other sources is the fastest way to be barred from the service. We have automatic checks that verify what you write. Each item that is copied will give you negative feedback.

    • What is a premium article?

Premium quality identifies the articles you are drafting. Premium articles have a dedicated deadline and you are paid €0.012 per word. Being part of an editorial office gives access to a greater number of articles and less competition.

    • How much does a publisher pay to buy content?

The price of each article varies depending on the quality and number of words requested. There are 4 levels of quality:

      • €0.008 per word for a one-star quality level
      • €0.01 per word for a two-star quality level
      • €0.012 per word for a three-star quality level
      • €0.015 per word for a four-star quality level

The number of stars indicates the freelancers' quality level. A commission of €0.70 for each article requested should be added to this cost. In every order, all the words that are not listed in the stopwords will be calculated. An example of cost: a requirement of 300 words at the 1-star rate will cost €3.10 (€2.40 = €0.008*300 €0.70 commission)

    • How can I increase my quality level?

To increase your number of stars you simply need to get positive feedback from the publishers you work for. Any feedback (positive or negative) will result in you automatically increasing or decreasing your score. The author's score is calculated by the system and depends on the feedback obtained and the quality level required for the article. Based of this variable, the number of articles needed to move from one level to another changes.

    • How can I select my favourite categories?

You will be able to select your favourite topics when you have reached the 2-star quality level. A pop-up in your personal area and a notification email will inform you when you have reached this goal. Once you have chosen your 8 categories it is no longer possible to change them.

    • How can I apply to become a proofreader or a translator?

You can apply directly from your profile, in step 2 you will find instructions!

    • How many positions are allowed to apply for?

For any position you feel up to!

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