Report is a technological platform (content marketplace) that allows authors to submit texts they have written exclusively.
The authors act as ghostwriters (Ghostwriters) towards the clients (Publishers). Access to the platform is completely free for Authors who can execute the tasks in the marketplace (if available and in line with the feedback left by Publishers).

Authors submit their texts to the evaluation/acceptance phase. In the case of requests for modifications and/or corrections, a few cents will be deducted (for details see regulations).
Contentmarketingsuite does not carry out the revision process, this is the final customer's or other figure's responsibility called proofreaders (Proofreader).
This figure is external to Contentmarketingsuite and is paid for the work done by a correction or a fixed percentage defined by the Publisher.

The author is aware in advance of how much they will be paid for the article (the price is indicated when booking the text and it is a mere mathematical operation given by the number of words per price of a single word). Some adverbs, articles and simple prepositions are excluded from this calculation.
The list of these words can be found at STOPWORDS.

All contents are checked through an external service called COPYSCAPE ( which checks the text for plagiarism.
In the event more than 7% of the text was copied the author will automatically be blocked for 7 days. For repeated cases of plagiarism or with percentages above 25% there will be the immediate exclusion without the possibility of re-enrolment to the platform.
Texts are rechecked by copyscape even after acceptance by the Publisher. If an author decides to publish what they have written by third parties during the review's time frame, the copyscape plugin would identify this and the author would immediately be excluded from the platform.

All texts that are rejected by publishers are deleted immediately, there is no possibility that the publisher will save them because the texts are presented written on an image and therefore can not be copied by copy/paste.
Articles that are rejected remain the author's property who can publish them at their pleasure.

Contentmarketingsuite is a technological platform that acts as a marketplace - that is, it provides the union of content demands by publishers with the supply given by authors. More simply, the mechanism is on a par with Ebay - where owners sell items. and its owners CONTENT MARKETPLACE Ltd does not provide guaranteed income for its authors who are free to participate in the marketplace as they see fit and independently. We want to underline that no Ghostwriter has a working relationship with the platform given that the author exploits the platform in order to sell their writing. makes payments in full compliance with the UK legislation - by complying with the UK tax regimes and making available to the Authors regular payment receipts - related to the PAYPAL transaction - which will have to use this information in their declaration of income or financial statements in the case of persons with a VAT number.
The Paypal transaction fees are paid by the Authors for payments received and are charged to the CONTENT MARKETPLACE Ltd for publishers' deposit accounts.

If you have any doubts, please contact our help desk support and order from the email or through the ticket section of your account.

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