This Website with all its applications is an ONLINE SERVICE platform
Property of and managed by“ Site ”).

The current owner of this site is:

Company Number 9759078
119 The Hub, 222 Kensal Road,
London W10 5BE
- England

By using this Site, its goods and services offered or using any other service or by registering and becoming a member, you express consent and approval to the terms of use indicated hereinbelow. If you do not agree with all these terms, please refrain from registering and using the site.

The nature of this Site

1. This Site offers its users a platform where they can pay to publish texts or articles (through this site) in other media or on other websites.

2. The author is an independent contractor, hired and compensated by us for the services rendered. See also Section XVII.

The author has the possibility to register under a single account. In the event more than one account are identified as belonging to a single individual, such accounts will immediately be banned (deleted from the platform), if such activity of creating multiple accounts is repeated, all accounts belonging to the individual will be banned, including the first one created.

3. The author has no rights over how the text or article are later used by the customer, given that the author sells copyrights of such content for the payment of an agreed amount. It is the publisher's discretion to refuse articles or texts without providing any explanation.

4. Our customers (licensee) have the right to approve, request revisions or refuse the person who originally produced the text/article. For more details, see below in Section VI. In the event that an article is rejected, the author will be automatically assigned a penalty on their personal score.
In the case the article is abandoned by the Author after one hour from accepting the task, they will also be automatically attributed a penalisation on their personal score.
In the event that a change is requested by the Publisher on the delivered text, the Author will undergo a deduction (from the third correction request onward) on their score.

5. The author has no right to publish texts created elsewhere, unless previously authorised by the client and by the “Site”.

6. Contentmarketingsuite acts as an intermediary between the Publisher (buyer) and Author (supplier), therefore:

- the revision of the contents and the final acceptance of the same is the Publisher's responsibility (buyer);
- the author carries out the role of ghostwriter as a freelancer. Receipts issued by Contentmarketingsuite following each payment shall be managed by the author in accordance with their tax situation.

II - Updates and revisions of our Terms of Use

This Site may revise and update its Terms of Use at any time, without notice, by publishing the revised Conditions on this Site. Any changes will take effect following the publication of such revisions or updates. The authors are required to periodically check our Terms of Use for any changes. The continued use of this Site or any of its services implies acceptance of such modifications.

III - Access to the Site - Registration

1. To access this site and its content, you must register and provide your data (name, surname, email address, etc.) and other information. Registration is essential for the author who wishes to publish texts or articles and wishes to use the corresponding services on this site.

2. After registration, check the email address you provided.

3. Registration data and other information must be accurate, up-to-date and complete. Any non-compliance to the above will trigger our unconditional right to refuse any further access to this Site and any of its contents or services, and to suspend or terminate access or registration at any time.

4. It is the Site owner's discretion to accept each request to become a member of the authors.

5. Cancellation from the Site or from the emails that the Site sends, to notify new articles, changes or any other information for the collaboration, must be managed in complete autonomy by the user who signs up.

From your panel there is the possibility to close an account at any time and the option to set up the communications that Contentmarketingsuite sends authors.

Members who sign up on the Website must be aware that, with their registration, they authorise the Company to proceed, where necessary, also to their cancellation as a user and to stop sending newsletters or announcements.

IV - Submitting texts and articles

1. Registered authors have the obligation to present originally written texts or articles, i.e. written in their own hand and not taken from other sources. Any text in quotation marks (“”), used to report any citations, is not counted in the number of written words nor in the income statement. Quotations are not considered copied text provided that they are inserted in the appropriate quotation marks.

2. Any text or article sent must not violate the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, moral rights, trademarks, personal or sensitive data of third parties, etc. Furthermore, any texts or articles submitted must not be vulgar in language or contain pornographic, obscene, libellous, or any degrading manner of human nature.

3. In the event of such violation, we have right to close the account, cancel the registration and refuse any further access to our Site, as well as to provide the author's data to the competent authorities, should they be requested.

4. The author can independently choose which commissions to accept (in numbers depending on their number of stars/level). When an order is accepted, authors agree to comply with the guidelines, deadline and to accept its price.
Articles ranging from 1 to 4 stars must be delivered within 48 hours of taking charge; premium items have a specific deadline, defined by the publisher (client).

5.  Penalties for the Author.  In the event that the article is abandoned or rejected, the author will suffer a penalty to their score. The author has one hour from the time of booking the commission for releasing it without penalty.

- The author will be assigned a penalty to their score and will be blocked for 7 days if the order requested was copied during the sending to the Publisher.

- If the article is unsuitable for the Publisher's request (i.e. irrelevant to the order and guidelines), points will be deducted for each modification thereto. The author has 15 hours to complete the correction request.

- If the user is found to have delivered an article copied 3 times, they will be blocked from the article's category.

- If the level of copying is such that the intent of plagiarism is understood, the user will automatically be banned from the system permanently.

- If the author receives 10 rejections from the same category, they will be suspended and will not be replaced.

- If the author abandons an article from the same category ten times, they will undergo the same treatment as in the previous point.

- If the author, after delivering an article publishes it independently or sells it to others, they will automatically be banned from the system permanently.

- If the author receives three penalisations from rejected articles or abandoning or expired articles for the same publisher, they will not have access to the publisher's orders for one week.
- If the author receives 5 penalisations of rejections or abandoning or expired articles for the same publisher, they will be excluded from the publisher's projects.

Proportionately to the seriousness of point 3 of this regulation, the author will not be remunerated for the accumulated credit.

The penalties that lead to a category block are cumulative. Each category will therefore be blocked by the accumulation of ten penalties (which could be derived from three types of different penalties, for example, from refusal, abandonment, an expired item, etc.).

Penalties can only be eliminated by “virtuous” behaviour, i.e. receiving positive feedback (e.g. positive feedback obtained following a penalisation). The removal of penalisations is attributed automatically by the system through a calculation that takes into account the following factors:

- difficulty level of the article;
- quality of feedback received;
- number of articles with positive feedback.

Penalties are eliminated in chronological order (from the oldest to the most recent).

6. The use of automatic systems to refresh site pages is not permitted.

V - Rights related to texts and articles

1. The work of the author is to provide this Site's owner with the exclusive benefits on the right to publish, perform, show, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works and to hold the relative rights of the author in return for remuneration. The Site has the right to assign such rights to third parties and more precisely to publishers and customers interested in the material produced by authors.

2. The authors accept that the Site and/or its licencors are authorised to create derivative works and to execute, display, reproduce, distribute, and sell them without any restrictions.

3. The authors waive any moral or personal right to be appointed as the author of their texts or articles.

4. It the Site's and its relative quality standards' discretion over whether to accept any submitted text.

VI - Delivery of the ordered text or article: Customer approval/rejection

1. A customer can approve or reject any text received. The customer may, in certain cases, also request corrections and/or improvements to the text received.

2. A refusal by the customer is only possible if the delivered text or the article does not correspond to the order criteria or guidelines or if obvious typos and/or spelling/syntactical errors are detected. The customer shall provide specific details for the refusal, so that the author can improve the text/article accordingly.

3. Instead of rejecting a delivered text, the customer can request improvements. In this case the customer has the obligation to specify where they see the need for improvements, so that the author has the opportunity to improve the text/article accordingly.

The customer has the right to request improvements only if:

- the request for improvement is based on the conditions stated the original order or on circumstances that should be known to the author;

- the customer specifically describes why these terms/circumstances have not been met. In the event that the request for improvements is justified, this Site will give the author the opportunity to make the required changes within 15 hours from the change's request.

In the event that the customer's request for improvement is unjustified, the value of the text/article will be debited on the customer's account, as if it had been approved by the same. The customer can then approve or reject an improved text, to request further changes according to the conditions set out in point V, but it will be up to this site to determine whether the customer's request is properly motivated.

4. In standard situations the customer has 72 hours to review a delivered text/article and consequently reject it or request corrections/modifications. If the customer does not reject the delivered text/article or does not request a correction within 72 hours from its receipt, this Site will have the faculty to automatically approve the article/text, debiting the costs to the customer's account accordingly. If the customer has activated a Proofreading service, the review time is 48 hours upon self-acceptance by the system.
This rule may vary for a limited number of projects with special needs. In these cases the review time can be extended up to a maximum of 7 days.

VII - Payment for the author

1. For each submitted and accepted text the author will receive a one-time payment from the Website, based on the payment deadlines indicated in the FAQ section.

Paypal is the only payment means for authors. The amount to be attributed to the authors is calculated on the basis of two factors:

i) the number of words published (excluding stopwords);

ii) the quality of texts/articles presented.

2. Payment for the author will be made according to the following terms/conditions:

i) a weekly payment, provided that they have reached or exceeded €25;

ii) communication to Contentmarketingsuite staff by the adult author of the requested data:

- Active cell phone number;

- Copy of an identity document and social security number.

The publisher must have paid the Website. If this does not happen, Contentmarketingsuite will send an indemnity to the publisher who requested the work

3. At Contentmarketingsuite's discretion, texts or articles may be rejected as inconsistent with the quality standards, in such case no commissions will be compensated.

4. The author is always responsible for any copyright infringement.

Given that Contentmarketingsuite (the Site) is an intermediary between supply and demand, Paypal charges will be paid by authors.

VIII - Premium Service

Publishers have the opportunity to invite their favourite authors to be part of their editorial staff.
This operation can be carried out autonomously through the “Editorial Manager”  section of your profile, selecting the preferred authors and clicking “add the selected authors to the project”. Alternatively, you can contact Contentmarketingsuite staff directly who will take care of forming an editorial office that meets your required criteria.
The Publisher must set a deadline between 2 hours and 7 days after the time of order.
In the event commissions are not taken up, the system will automatically delete them from the list of bookable items at the time of expiry.
In the case items are not delivered by the indicated deadline, the latter will automatically pass to “expired” status, which will result in a penalty for the author.

The invitation to be part of an editorial board is submitted to authors through an automated email and involves:
1. Privileged access to the articles requested by the editor who owns the editorial office (only the authors who are part of the editorial office can see these articles);
2. The possibility to accept a larger number of articles (up to twice the number of stars associated with your profile, in order to arrive at a maximum of 8 when an author achieves a 4-star rating).

IX - Proofreading Service
The Proofreading service consists in revising users' articles delivered by writers (only articles where the Proofreading service is active).

Proofreaders are authors who have adhered to a “virtuous” Contentmarketingsuite path, and are selected by Contentmarketingsuite staff for dealing with the evaluation and text revision from other authors.

The service is regulated as follows:
-The proofreader may choose which texts to accept;
-the time for review of the text ends 48 hours after delivery by the author, then the proofreader will have available 48 hours minus the time already elapsed following the delivery of the text;
-The proofreader undertakes the article until its acceptance/rejection; if a fix is required (which the author can make within a maximum of 15 hours pursuant to the regulations) the subsequent revision is the author's responsibility;
-For each article reviewed (accepted or rejected) the proofreader makes earnings which are added to any accumulated credit as an author;
-In the case of failed revision of an undertaken article, the proofreader receives a penalty;
-3 negative reports entails exclusion from the proofreading service.

Contentmarketingsuite evaluates its proofreaders according to the following parameters:
- Literary style;
-Compliance to guidelines;
-Correctness of grammar;
-the presence of the elements that give the text SEO optimisation.

The proofreader deputises for the Publisher, and therefore, may accept the content, ask the author for one or more corrections, or reject the content.

Following the acceptance of the contents the order is attributed Accepted-to be confirmed status. Final confirmation is the Publisher's responsibility who may in turn accept, request further corrections, or reject the content.

When the Publisher confirms acceptance of an order, the proofreader and the author are credited with their compensation.

In the event of a refusal for content that was previously accepted by the Proofreader, it is the Proofreader who receives the penalty, not the author.

Points X - Members get Members

All Contentmarketingsuite users can increase their earnings (as authors) or charge their credit (if publishers) by inviting their contacts to register on Contentmarketingsuite.

Specifically, each user in their Personal profile settings has a link they can share.

By sharing the Contentmarketingsuite tracking links you can earn 7% on:

  •  the compensation paid to users who subscribe as authors (percentage calculated on the number of words delivered to Contentmarketingsuite, minus any bonuses or penalties applied to the order;
  • top-ups made by users who subscribe as publishers.


USER 1 shares their link

USER 2 registers as an AUTHOR

USER 2 writes an article of 125 Contentmarketingsuite words with a bonus of 1 Euro and earns 0,008*125 + 1 → €2

USER 1 earns 7 % of 1€ → €0,07

USER 3 signs up as a PUBLISHER and makes a top-up of €100

USER 1 receives credit for €7

This is valid for six months from the date of the user's registration (in the example of USER 2 and 3).

Only users who registered by clicking on the link shared by USER 1 contribute to the increase that user's credit.

Please note:

Contentmarketingsuite reserves the right to carry out continuous verification activities on the use of the Member get Membersby its users and to interrupt the mechanism described according to its unquestionable judgement if it detects irregularities (for example the creation of multiple accounts used by the same person).

XI - Direct contact with Publishers or customers

An author who directly contacts a Contentmarketingsuite customer would be in breach of the rules of use of the system and their account would be immediately removed from the Site.

Any violation of this principle will be considered a violation of the Terms of Use by the author.

XII - No unauthorised copy of the contents of this site is allowed

It is forbidden to reproduce any of the contents downloaded from the Site.

XIII - Third Parties

Users recognise that access to this site can only be made through an internet connection, therefore, the relationship and the costs of such service are their own.

XIV -Links and third party advertising

This Website contains or may contain links to other websites, including advertising from third parties, and no responsibility can be attributed to them for the content of other sites or their services. Any liability, direct or indirect, for any damages suffered by any user in connection with the use of any Website, whose access has been identified through this Site, is expressly disclaimed. Each user is required to personally verify their conditions of use and reliability, before accessing the platform at their own risk.

XV - Username and password

The username and password provided during registration will remain the unique and exclusive property of the Site and the accepted registration can be revoked.

The Site undertakes to keep the username and password confidential. The information regarding privacy is managed by the Site's owners.

XVI - Copyright and trademark protection

1. Copyright protection

All the works, including the contents, on this site, in particular all the literary, pictorial and graphic works, photographs, images, audio and video clips, audiovisual works, music, icons, streaming of files and other data, animation or graphics, or any form of software file, object code or source code belongs to the owners of this Website or content providers and is protected by national and international copyright laws. The copyright protection referred to above also refers to the compilation and all forms of content alteration from this Site. Violators of this copyright will be prosecuted and punished with the maximum applicable penalty.

2. Protecting the brand

All logos and other trademarks and service marks on this Site may be protected by national, international and trademark laws. These trademarks and service marks may not be used publicly, unless expressly authorised by the owner. It is forbidden to do anything that could cause confusion among consumers with regard to the aforementioned trademarks and service marks.

XVII - Warranty Exclusion

The use of this Site and the materials contained therein are provided as is, without a warranty of any type, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, guarantees of suitability for a particular purpose, quality, suitability, truth, accuracy or completeness.

Users accept that the use of the Site and the contents contained therein is at their own risk. This Website does not guarantee the content inserted by any other website. The Site can not be held responsible for connection problems that slow down or prevent the transmission or download of articles or multimedia content.

The Site does not guarantee an uninterrupted, timely, secure service, or that any errors and problems are resolved.

You acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for any problems with your computer or damage that may occur during use on this Site.

XVIII - Limitation of responsibility

1. Under no circumstance shall this Site or any of its employees, members, managers, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assignees be held liable for:

- direct, indirect, moral, including, without limitation any damage due to loss of goodwill, interruption of activities, loss of programs, information deriving from the lack of possibility of using this Site, materials, information and data contained therein

- claims for damages due to errors, omissions or inaccuracies on this Site or on information, articles and material of any kind downloaded or retrieved therein. Given the impossibility of limiting liability for incidental or consequential damages in some countries, these should be considered a limitation of liability in the broadest sense of the laws in force.

2. This Site is merely a platform. Every author registered on/with this Site is exclusively responsible for their profile and the content they publish. Furthermore, each author is solely responsible for the quality, accuracy and legality of their texts or articles. Explicitly we want to underline that both the author and the Customer must always be aware of and respect the rules in force primarily in Italy, but also in the countries where the authors have citizenship.

3. This Site, its members, managers, officers, employees, affiliated agents and assignees are in no way responsible for the author's texts or for the articles sent through this Site. This Site is in no way responsible for any consequences resulting from the non-acceptance of texts and/or articles.

4. This Site, its members, executives, officers, employees, affiliated agents and assignees are in no way responsible for the services provided by third parties on the Site. As a mere indicative, but not exhaustive example, we are a third party service for the payment of authors.

XIX - Indemnity

Users undertake to defend, indemnify and hold the Site, its officials, the directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, telecommunications providers and agents harmless, from and against any claim or liability and other costs, including, without limitation, legal and accounting costs, reasonably incurred for the defence of any claim or action arising out of or otherwise related to such services, including, without limitation, any violation by these Terms of Use.

This Site will promptly notify the interested party, via email, of such complaint or suit, to cooperate fully, at the expense of the interested party, in the defence of such claim or action. This Site may participate in such claim or defence at your expense and you may choose your attorney or use other legal counsel, but you are not forced or obliged to do so.

XX - Force majeure

This Website can not be held responsible for any failure to fulfil its purposes due to unforeseen circumstances or other causes that they go beyond the reasonable control of the Site itself, including but not limited to:

- force majeure, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters;

- wars, riots, arson, embargoes, acts of civil or military authority, or terrorism;

- fibre cuts;

- strikes, or shortages in transport, services, fuel, energy, work or materials;

- failure of the connection and telecommunications provider or information infrastructure services;

- hacking, SPAM, or any failure of a server, computer or software.

XXI - Relationships or partnerships

None of the terms of services shown can be considered as a form of partnership, employment, joint venture or formal business entity of any kind between the author and the owner of this Site. The parties' rights and obligations are limited to those expressly stated.

XXII - Termination of service Notwithstanding recourse to other measures

This Website may blame a user or suspend their access to the Site at any time, with or without notice or permission, if:

- it believes that you have violated any provision of these Terms of Use;

- it is not possible to verify or authenticate the information provided by the user;

- they decide to block the Site's functioning or part thereof.

The user accepts and acknowledges that neither this Site nor any third parties acting on their behalf are responsible for the cancellation of their registration or access to the Website. Following forced termination, new registration to the Site by the same user is strictly prohibited. This Site and its affiliates disclaim all responsibility deriving from fraudulent entry for the use of the same. In the event of fraud, all necessary actions will be taken under federal, state and international laws.

XXIII - Terms of the Cashback service

The cashback service of allows all registered users to take advantage of a series of discounts by purchasing goods or services from online stores participating in the initiative.
Only purchases made through the links on the site will be able to compete for cashback.
With Purchase finalized through Contentmarketingsuite Cashback we only mean:
- user who finds a shop of interest
- login
- click on the shop link available on Contentmarketingsuite Casback, without altering the available url in any way
- in a browsing session (session means a time between the click and the purchase of 30 minutes) completes the purchase.

Definition of Cashback: the term Cashback refers to the retrocession in favor of those who make a purchase of a part of the value of the goods or services purchased.

All cashback values ​​will be entered in Contentmarketingsuite's Wallet (online purse). If the user collaborates with for the creation of Content, Social Promotions, Translations, he will have the cashback amount added to what has been earned through other activities.

The relegation from affiliated shops will be active until 31/12/2020, with the possibility of any renewal that will be communicated to users in time.

Users admitted to the Cashback service: All users who register on as: Authors, Translators, Proofreader, Influencers, Data Entry Operators are automatically admitted to the cashback on purchases.

How does it work:
1) Purchase: once users have visited the shops on the site, they must log in to
Only after logging in will they be able to click on one of the links on the Shop description page in order to be redirected to the seller's website. Any purchase will be managed in full according to the terms and conditions on the final seller's website. has no possibility of intervention or connection on the final seller as regards the product or service sold.
At the end of the purchase the user will find the Cashback amount inserted in his Wallet.
ATTENTION: in order to correctly recognize the Cashback it is essential that:
a) the cookies on your browser are enabled
b) the purchase is finalized from the same device from which it started (eg: if the click occurs from a PC and the purchase ends on the Telephone, the cashback will not be credited, and so on). The same is true in the case of shops that have apps on the smartphone. Completing the purchase in the app may result in the loss of the Cashback.

2. Credit: the purchase made will be visible within 8-12 hours in the user's wallet inside Each transaction that has just ended will have a status of Pending Confirmation.
Each individual online store defines the processing times of each order. Normally these are technical times for:
a) verify that the payment methods are suitable
b) ship the product
c) check for any returns

Only confirmed purchases will go to the Confirmed state and will be able to start the cashback.
Cashback will not be credited for unconfirmed sales. A reason for each refusal will be presented.
In case of withdrawal after the possible payment of the Cashback, the amount will be deducted from what has been accrued for other transactions and not yet paid.
The modification, return of an order that leads the Seller Shop to change the status of the transaction will result in the exclusion of the corresponding amount

3. Balance of the amount accrued: the confirmed transactions will be paid to users through the payment methods already described in this regulation, within 60 days of confirmation, but always upon reaching the minimum payment threshold of 25 euros.
Payment will be made on the basis of the information entered in the Contentmarketingsuite panel by the user.
No checking of the same data is carried out before accreditation attempts.
The accrued credit can be paid as long as the cashaback service is active on If the credit is not requested at the end of the service, it will be reset.

4. Any problems or alleged errors in the registration of sales must be reported within 30 days to the email:

5. Shops participating in the cashback: the agreements with the stores on the site do not have a fixed term. So does not guarantee the constant presence of individual offers.
The cashback that is demoted to users depends on the conditions that the Stores are able to offer at the time of purchase. cannot make adjustments in case of purchase made for example the day after the end of a promotion.
The cashback percentages are always those visible on the website

6. As mentioned above, has no connection with the products and services purchased. Any post-sale problems must be managed directly with the seller shop.
The user relieves the Content Marketplace of any liability related to problems, malfunctions or damage caused by services or products purchased.

7. If the user deems it no longer convenient to subscribe to the Cashback service, he can withdraw and ask for the balance of what is collectible (collectible means the transactions confirmed and paid by the seller shops)

Please note

Any report on the Terms of Use displayed may be provided by email, with a direct communication to the Site. Data on the sender will be deducted from the email or other electronic messages, unless otherwise specified.

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