How to make money through Affiliation Marketing thanks to unique content

Do you want to increase your chances of making money through affiliate programmes like Amazon, Ebay, Worldfilia or Tradedoubler?

Make the most of the tools for affiliate marketing offered by the .

Following the next few stages, you’ll be able to create contents for your Blog and make money through affiliate offers in an easy and effective way:

How to find the right keywords for affiliate marketing products

  • The first step to create contents that will be successfully indexed by search engines is to use CMS Keys. This tool allows you to check which words are related to a specific website or product and then ask to our copywriters to create related content. But that's not all: the writers too will be able to use this tool. By activating the Seo Basic feature, writers will be able to find inspiration by looking at related words. This will guarantee a better indexing for your text.
  • The second step to make the most of affiliate contents in your blog is to give writers indications about html formatting and seo you want to be used in the final deliverable article. In addition to keywords, it is possible to ask CMS copywriters to use H1 and/or H2 based on the guidelines as a way to improve the indexing.
  • The last and fundamental step is to decide which is the best structure for your content.
    Even the most informative article might not always be the best way to encourage people to purchase a product.

Creating content using a Product Sheet format (but with "Buy Now" which clearly redirects you to the seller’s website) allows you to identify very easily the strengths of the product.

In this case, the inclusion of calls to action, buttons that prompt you to purchase, becomes very prominent: these are able to direct the user to the promoted client’s website.

The listing structure allows you to choose a series of elements that you can have completed in the article.

Product listing creation. Original contents.

You can also ask to have technical elements and features inserted within your article which will help final users to decide which product to purchase.

Here’s an example of the fields to be filled in in a product listing:

  • Title
  • Short description
  • Bullet points
  • Long description

These are the basic elements to which other pieces of information can be added, including:

  • Single choice menu.
  • Yes/no options

Thanks to this structure, it is possible to reproduce in a unique way most of the features and details included in any product sheets, whether on Amazon or other E-commerce websites that rely on affiliation programmes

You can also have your contents translated in multiple languages and increase your chances to expand your affiliation earnings.


Try it now.

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