New projects? How to identify the right authors

How on earth are you going to achieve that if you don't have an author?

Do you think it's hard to find a good copywriter? In this short guide we will show you that choosing authors can be a complicated adventure if you do not use the right tools. If you have a series of projects but you do not know how to get them to the general public, without a doubt you need a professional author who knows how to write interesting, brilliant and persuasive articles. Do not be taken in by the apparent simplicity of a Content Marketing text. What it doesn't reveal is an incessant research work capable of putting readers at the centre of the text and taking them down an emotional journey that points straight to a goal: yours!

A simple blog article, a text, a product sheet or a press release: the written word is decisive for conveying, contextualising your message and to make it visible in the eyes of search engines. It is not just about doing SEO copywriting but also chiselling shape and substance to make the content interesting and captivating for the reader. The most fitting editorial choice for your project is the secret weapon to emerge in an increasingly competitive sector that sees the publication of an exorbitant number of contents every day. To stay afloat you need a professional who knows how to combine the rules of the web with quality writing.

Why choose an author

After all, a copywriter, if you think about it, is your alter ego. A prepared author is able to put your company and your philosophy at the centre of the text. They must be so skilful to choose words, images and concepts that speak about you. Your goal becomes theirs and this close collaboration is essential for the success of any content marketing strategy. At this point you could argue that, if the copywriter has to write about you, you might as well do it yourself, and at least save money! In reality, that’s not how things actually are. Writing is an art that cannot be improvised. Before writing any content for your company, ask yourself if you have the right skills, attitudes or time to dedicate to such an important work for your brand.

How to choose an author

The selection of authors gives you numerous advantages such as the writing of professional content, timely deliveries, optimised texts for search engines and different from those of competitors. There are many ways to look for a professional copywriter, but often finding the right one for your projects can turn out to be a titanic enterprise because in a short time you have to decide if that author has the knowledge and skills necessary to give voice to your projects. Sometimes the only thing that allows you to understand something about the possible candidate is the existence of a blog. This writing arena is often a convincing business card that informs you of the author's style and skill. Secondly you must be able to talk to the copywriter to know them and to talk about your project and your goals.

Does it seem too long a process and you lack the time to make a careful selection of authors? MelaScrivi does it for you. Within the platform you have the opportunity to choose the quality of freelancers because each copywriter is marked by a series of stars (from 1 to 4) that indicate their degree of experience. If instead your project foresees a long-term editorial plan you can search for the most suitable professional figure thanks to a series of filters formulated to create an efficient and homogeneous editorial staff. You can choose authors based on their ID, earnings, categories or place of residence. Moreover, the percentage of accepted articles, the category or the type of content help you to build a precise profile of the figure that you consider best suited to your project.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a copywriter or an editorial staff with experience in writing product sheets, journalistic articles and web content, try CMS and you will find the professional figures best suited to your strategy.

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