What is Seo Copywriting?

In short, it is the ability to create interesting textual contents easy to understand by search engines, as Google. That sounds very simple, but we should follow a number of important rules without which we risk to see quality content receive little traffic.

All Seo experts have been repeating for years that a good text should have as its first purpose to provide useful information to the reader. But we must always keep in mind that one of the most relevant "readers" is Google.

The search engine must correctly understand a text, but at the same time the writer must meet the interests of those seeking answers, our potential customers.

In recent years the goal of Seo copywriting and content marketing is increasingly focused on responding to the research intent that potential customers express in serp.

Being able to multiply the number of professionals able to support this continuous "quest for Intent" has become very important.

For this reason Contentmarketingsuite.com provides Freelance who have followed writing projects for seo on many sectors.

On the platform, Publishers, Brands and Seo Agencies can provide detailed indications about the rules to follow to create seo friendly contents.

How to use Contentmarketingsuite for Seo Copywriting:

  • To give specific details for Metadata and H1,H2 tags for formatting
  • Define the use of external tools to optimize metadata pixels
  • Seo Basic: specific search features of the main and related keywords that can be provided to Freelancers to find the best terms to use when writing a text.
  • Writing Style and formatting: Contentmarketingsuite gives an internal solution, CMSKeys, to get tips and search volumes for keywords and searches on which to write content. At the same time it allows you to share with the freelance, external tools to improve the SEO results. Through frequent Webinars, the CMS team trains the Freelancers on how to meet the requests of specialized Seo Agencies and Direct Clients.

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