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ContentMarketingSuite offers the best multilingual copywriting service. Freelancers and Copy available on Demand according to your writing needs.

You can choose between Self Service or entrust your articles to an Editorial Team of Authors, selected based on their writing skills.

New: Use ContentMarketingSuite's Proofreaders to evaluate the texts you receive.


*All words are included in the word count of translations and foreign language copywriting.

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Our Copy and Product Sheet Rates

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Remember that ContentMarketingSuite does not count the stopwords for content created in Italian!

Entrust your contents to us
Receipt of the Brief by the Customer and management of pre-launch activities
Upload of the contents to be realized on the platform and formation of authors
Workflow management
Optimization of requests and of the entire content creation flow
Check of compliance with guidelines and deadlines
Export and delivering of the contents to the customer
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Starter level
Just registered or with a basic writing level
0.009 €
per word
Basic Level
Have written a few articles, average writing quality
0.011 €
per word
Intermediate Level
They have created a significant amount of texts and received good reviews, medium-high quality
0.014 €
per word
Advanced Level
Freelancers and Authors with good level SEO-oriented writing
0.017 €
per word
Editing Team
Expert editing team, selected by you or by the staff, who will take charge of your contents
0.014 €
per word + fee editing team* *Pricing varies according to the project
Professional Editing Team
Expert journalists for top quality content.
0.05 €
per word + fee editing team* *Pricing varies according to the project

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500 €
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