Black Friday, a week of promo

Christmas season is coming and you need to update, translate and promote the contents of your website.

Well, there's no better period than this.

Born in the USA, but it is now popular in Italy and becomes a tradition: Black Friday. In this day, shops and e-commerce offer many promotions and being able to catch them all in one day, it can be very difficult.

For CMS, Black Friday lasts a week!

Take advantage of the offers: you have 3 coupons that allow you to get bonuses for all services.


How does it work?

Top up your account by November 23rd and enter the codes below:

  • Code for Top Up from €150 (5% bonus) > 2018BLACKFRIDAY5
  • Code for Top Up from €400 (10% bonus) > 2018BLACKFRIDAY10
  • Code for Top Up from €750 (15% bonus) > 2018BLACKFRIDAY15


For example, after a €400 Top Up, you will get a €440 credit on the platform.

Don't miss this Black Friday opportunity to match the coupon to the promo for the launch of CMS Video.

Until November 23rd a video will cost just €29,90, 5 videos just for €100.


Hurry Up! Don't request just contents, Translate It and Promote It!

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