Do you write Articles and Guidebooks? Turn them into Video Contents!

How to turn your texts into engaging videos

Content is king: Bill Gates is quite right! You only need to have a look at Worldometers to realize how many posts are created per day all over the world. According to recent surveys, these amount to more than 3 million , an information overload that endanger those who are trying to stand out in this hyper-competitive world. Despite this overcrowding, a well-designed Content Marketing strategy can be key to the success for any brand.

A Corporate Video is the ideal solution to bring together all your contents. It is an incredible tool, not only because it never gets boring and is surprisingly adaptable; it also makes your text more powerful by integrating and contextualising it. A written piece of information may not be read. On the contrary, a video presentation allows you to give out some bits of information that will make the audience curious and teach them something. If you still haven’t made up your mind, here’s some numbers that will convince you for good. By 2021 videos will make up the 80% of Internet traffic, while 80% of web users report having watched a video while browsing a website in the last month.

Video marketing and newspapers: a possible future together?

Do you own a newspaper? Then the numbers we have provided prove particularly relevant to your field. In 2009, ReelSEO published a report on the situation of the publishing industry, highlighting that it was necessary for media companies to expand their audience by relying on videos. Images can sum up and make contents engaging, reaching that segment of audience who prefers a fast way of accessing contents, for instance over the time of a break. Video marketing is an easy and effective concept to embrace, especially at a time when people are constantly in a rush or lacking the time to do anything.

Turn your content into a video

American marketers say that content is like a hungry beast that needs to be fed continuously. If you want to make the most of video marketing solutions you need to build a strategy that works in the long run and plan everything down to the smallest details, including the frequency with which you want to post contents on your website. But which are the basic steps to turn your contents into videos?

Goal and target

Inform, sell, explain: what’s the purpose of your video? Watch the video we made with our platform CMS Video. Catchy background music, a short yet informative text, images in fast succession (each slide lasts for a maximum time of 5 seconds). In less than a minute we were able to tell a story on this summer’s fashion trends. Experts recommend creating at the beginning short videos that deliver only information that is useful to your targeted audience

In our video, Flamingo mania is the framework in which you may insert fun facts or for instance a reference to your business. It’s important to notice that you’re not selling anything through your article. Even though each video has to achieve a goal by including a call to action, it is important that the viewer does not feel as if they’re watching a TV commercial. Audiences hate that kind of video content. You are instead giving out contextualised information and providing knowledge quite differently from an infomercial. 


The second step consists in deciding which kind of video content you want to create. A video is an absolutely effective method because, as we have already pointed out, is able to increase  conversions. This is possible only if it is engaging and does not bore the viewer. You need to provide high-quality video contents that will encourage the viewers to look you up on the web and read the in-depth content on your website. The second video made with CMS Video is a quick summary of fun facts related to the movie Titanic. This type of content is ideal for social media because it create interest and easily generates likes and reposts. In other words, it creates audience engagement.

You can turn any article into a video. You can even give a new spin to your old contents and make them more relevant by transforming them into videos. The restyling proves particularly useful especially if you invested time and resources in building your website. To focus the audience’s attention on these older texts, you can enrich with a filmed presentation that will help position them better on search engines

The choice of format, content, and style will largely depend on the answers you give to the following questions: 

  • Who is watching these videos?
  • Why are they watching it?
  • When are they watching it?
  • Where are they watching it?

After making that clear, it is necessary to develop a mid-term strategy (at least 6 months) to focus on the publishing of planned articles and video (if possible weekly). You can choose between:

  • Tutorial
  • Explainers (Videos in which you tell who you are and your mission)
  • Events

Each one of these gives different advantages and helps you to be competitive, offering new prospects e job opportunities thanks to the perfect integration with the typical strategies of content marketing. The more your website receives visits, the more you will have a better rank on search engines, obtaining an higher conversion rate and the possibility to raise your reader's audit.


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