How (not) to make a translation for your e-commerce site

Are you really contemplating relying only on automated platforms for your translations?

Try searching on Google: songs translated by Google Translate. Your children will go crazy about the results, but would your customers have the same reaction to your e-commerce descriptions?

Get quality, speed and flexibility through the Contentmarketingsuite Content Marketplace, and the professional translation service.

When in Rome, localise like Romans do

Although this is not a precise translation of the famous proverb, it does convey our message! Do you know why it is important to have localised translations? Suppose you have a real estate agency and want to sell real estate in Spain. By translating your website into Spanish you will use the word "piso" for apartment. The same word, however, read by an Argentine, would be very curious because it would imply that you are not selling houses but floors! Localising content allows you to understand the reference target and so, give your client the feeling of a local site and not simply translated from one language into another. A website written in the buyer's native language will put them at ease, more inclined to trust the brand.

Contentmarketingsuite allows you to translate your catalogues and your e-commerce sheets on a massive scale. The modus operandi is simple but it allows you to save time and resources: create a csv with your texts and upload it simply by keeping the original formatting. By providing our online marketing knowledge, we help you create a positioning strategy in the language, which is perfectly in line with the needs of the target country. A well-structured catalogue is characterised by the presence of numerous repetitions concerning dimensions, colours, formats or materials. We manage this content, duplicate it and optimise it in the target language.

The professional translation service we offer gives you one more benefit: SEO friendly content. This means that if you create the localised Japanese version of your site, the local user will be much more inclined to buy. It is important to be among the top positions among search engines, but it is even more important to write thinking about the final customer.

Localised translation, that's the way!

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