Marketing Strategy, the numbers that will convince you to use video advertising

No Video Advertising? No Party!

Does your brands' Marketing Strategy not work? Perhaps you have not dedicated enough resources to one of the most powerful tools of advertising, Video Advertising. In a fast-moving world, video clips are becoming the best way to double, in one fell swoop, your customers' engagement and increasing your company's ROI. 2018 was a revolutionary year for the protagonists of marketing. The scenario that until recently seemed simply feasibly futuristic has become a reality. Video clips are now an integral part of any commercial strategy, so much so that 82% of companies claim, according to a recent survey by Wyzowl, that these are a fundamental part of their success.

Social media networks are the new Video Advertising!

Videos are the absolute rulers of social media. According to the report by HubbSpot Research, 4 out of the 6 total channels where audiences watch movies are social networks. Not only that, the executives of Facebook have launched a very important challenge: in 5 years the platform will be entirely dedicated to visual contributions. The figures are clear and, if you are still wondering if it is worth investing in this form of communication, it means that you are lagging behind and you are not in step with the times. Technology evolves quickly. If until some time ago the 360​​° videos were an absolute novelty, today it is live streaming on social networks that rule the roost. Not only that, sometimes you do not even need a camera, just shoot a video in 4k simply with your smartphone!

Videos are like pizza: even when they are bad, they are still pretty good!

Are you still not convinced? Let's continue ... by providing some numbers. According to statistics, the message conveyed by a video is perceived and assimilated by 95% of users. If you add to this data that Facebook videos are viewed on for 100 million hours every day, then you've got it! Video is the fastest tool today to get to conquer new effective customers. But beware, we are not talking about impeccable visual content from a technical point of view. Content is King even in this case. 70% of users said they were dissatisfied with clips where the product or service was not sufficiently explained, regardless of poor design or poor quality.

E-commerce and video

Technology upsets the world of companies and e-commerce, just take Spotify for music or Uber for taxis. To stay afloat in an increasingly competitive world, you need to refine your Marketing Strategy by reflecting on some very important facts. Most customers today prefer watching a video rather than reading an article and 95% of these have purchased a product or service after viewing visual content. 65% of companies using Google Ads YouTube reported a 17% increase in brand awareness and a video of only 30 seconds increases the purchase intention by 19%.

Videos and ROI, a lasting relationship

The great success of the Marketing Strategy connected to Video Ads is not just for large companies. 76% of small businesses have achieved ROI in the short term, which has far exceeded expectations, as 55% of their customers are enthusiastically watching clips and 43% would like to see more. As you can see, video ads are becoming one of the most popular forms of online advertising because they offer an excellent ROI, lead generation, creating trust and adapting to consumers of all ages.

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