Melascrivi and Seotraining together in Bologna on March 14th: with a 20% ContentMarketingSuite discount!

Dear Publishers and Authors,

we would like to inform you that on 14 March Melascrvi will be a partner of the Bologna Seotraining course ( If you want to deepen your knowledge of SEO or how to optimise resources, time and quality of training, Seotraining is ideal for you! Presenting yourself as Melascrivi collaborators you will get a discount of 20% (discount code: MELASCRIVI) and access to an intensive and high quality training experience. You will have the opportunity to see the reports from a qualified team and to participate in the round table dedicated to the analysis of individual digital projects presented by the course participants. You can also receive practical advice on your ongoing projects and understand how to set up future ones. The programme is aimed at a wide audience, starting with entrepreneurs who take their first steps in the world of SEO reaching SEO experts and Web Marketing. And if that is not enough for you!? Seotraining proposes sharing the evening of 13 March, enjoying a pizza with the company of speakers and course participants and thus providing an opportunity for discussion in an informal atmosphere. Visit the Seopizza Facebook page ( for all the details!

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