Micro-influencers, how to exploit them in your Digital Strategy

Micro-influencers are the new frontier of digital strategies. This aggressive army of users who use social networks to share their content is becoming a precious resource for any brand. What matters today is not only the numbers but the passion, commitment and reliability of the "little ones".

Micro-influencers? That's the way!

They offer 60% more effort, costing an average of 7 times less than the famous testimonials and establishing 22.2% more conversations per week than the average consumer. These are the numbers of micro-influencers, the new resource of digital marketing. This is confirmed by the prestigious Hello Society, a multi-celebrated brand of the New York Times that has dealt with social media marketing since 2011. The research carried out by these experts in the sector has revealed an unprecedented fact: collaboration with a micro-influencer is the ideal solution today to advertise for small and large companies.

Who is the micro-influencer

The micro-influencer is not a celebrity that boasts an incredible number of fans. They are simply a blogger, a youtuber or a web writer who has a recognised range of skills and knowledge in a given field. The public does not connect a famous face to the brand, but a person who, with passion and constancy, offers unique and interesting information to their small audience of supporters through social media. From a strictly technical point of view, a micro-influencer is one of the winning pawns of inbound marketing, they are the most qualified figure to allow a brand to find its audience, to build loyalty and move users towards purchasing.

Marketing operators say that a micro-influencer to be qualified as such must have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, a fairly large range that works incessantly on the plane of trust and engagement, generating results that far exceed expectations. It is often the smaller communities that provide the most encouraging data because the credibility of the micro-influencer is reinforced by small numbers and above all by the habit of explicitly declaring their business relationships with a brand or company.

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