Micro-influencers, who are these people that make the world of Digital Marketing go round

Marketing is nothing without a micro-influencer!

It requires between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, and they are well-trained people on a specific topic, who like to share ideas and interact with other users. This is the identity card of the micro-influencer, a new figure that is revolutionising the rules of digital marketing. If until a while ago the partnership between big companies and a famous face was the established practice, today the market is invaded by a new trend: little is better! A survey conducted by Nielsen highlighted a very important fact. 80% of respondents said they could buy an item more easily after hearing the opinion of friends and family.

A micro-influencer falls into these two categories. They are your neighbours, colleagues, or the friend you address when you want advice. The common theme is word of mouth, the heart and soul of digital marketing. Making the difference is a word that is fundamental in any advertising field: credibility. And this is precisely the micro-influencer's added value. They are transparent, sincere, and do not hide their relationship with the brand but instead invite and stimulate discussion with their fans. In this way, followers feel like they are protagonist and above all have the feeling of actively participating in the interaction with the brand.

John Doe, the micro-influencer

The micro-influencer is the John Doe of the Americans or Italy's Mario Rossi. They are someone who use social media channels like Facebook or even better Youtube to talk about their passions. Sometimes, they do so without any purpose, sometimes they act thanks to a partnership with a company. And they declare it without any problem. So, are we all micro-influencers? Of course not! The real ones can be recognised by some fundamental characteristics. With their discussions they arouse interest and curiosity, their audience asks questions to which they respond promptly. They interact, build trends and their way of life sometimes becomes a source of inspiration.

Why choose a micro-influencer

The Kardashians? They are celebrities, not influencers. Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez? They too, are famous faces but not influencers. This does not mean that they do not exert influence on their followers, but they will never be able to give their public the added value given by attention. The micro-influencer is the friend who calls you, who seeks you, who knows how to answer your questions. In a market saturated with content, in the media overload that has affected the most famous social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the micro-influencer becomes one of the favourite tools of inbound marketing because they produce involvement and interaction. In a single word? Build engagement!

Seth Gordin
, the famous author of "Purple Cow", affirms that today digital marketing has made an indisputable evolutionary leap. In fact, from the last phase of the production process it became the product itself, its invention, the ability to promote and sell it. In one word, the verticalisation of marketing is the WoW effect that allows you to fully meet your business goals. It is precisely in this reasoning that the micro-influencer fits in, because they work in first person to promote your product, binding themselves to your brand, managing to influence the audience and achieve much higher results than a famous face. It also costs less!

It is precisely in this vertical process that John Doe becomes a leader, a person capable of creating conversions. The passion that a micro-influencer puts into their work translates into an unexpected engagement rate. A recent survey conducted by Experticity has shown that 72% of the public reacts positively to a Call to Action proposed by the micro-influencer simply because they trusts them. If you want to try out the effectiveness of this new digital marketing strategy, try CMS Share, the innovative service offered by CMS that allows viral sharing of your content through a capillary network of freelancers on their social media channels.



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