Native Advertising, when advertising becomes useful content

Native advertising: is it the end of credible journalism?

The estimates from the Milan Polytechnic speak for themselves. In 2015, Native Advertising generated investments for over one million euros. A respectable figure that requires operators in the sector to take stock of the famous branded content, considered by a large group of journalists as the death of publishing. Not much time has passed since Ferruccio de Bortoli's warning when leaving the helm of Corriere della Sera, wanted to warn colleagues from an imminent danger. The so-called native advertising, sponsored content, is "one of the possible deaths of journalism", thundered de Bortoli. A strong warning that opened plenty food for thought.


Why choose Native Advertising

Native advertising gives companies 9% more than CTR, especially in relation to the use of tablets and mobile phones. On average, users spend about 90 hours a month glued to their mobile phones, bouncing from content to content, reading and purchasing products and services. According to a recent estimate, Native Advertising will represent 63% of advertising revenue by 2021. A very important fact especially when compared to the large share of entrepreneurs (about 46% according to Adweek) who say they are dissatisfied with their efforts on social media, especially after the change to the Facebook algorithm. According to industry insiders it is necessary to look for innovative and quality channels to keep up with competitors. Native advertising seems to fully meet this need.

Most users also prefer personalised ads based on their interests and buying habits. Native advertising therefore entails another undeniable advantage: to affix a target on any aspect, from the contextual one, to the demographic one, to the pure and simple intent of the client. Marketers know this well, a personalised target is a formidable key to winning over new customers. Lastly, a purely technical aspect. According to Pecherskiy, co-founder of StackAdapt, Native Advertising, when it offers a higher click-through rate, it determines a significant reduction of Cost Per Click, equally on its conversion rate.

Content is King?

The famous mantra of Bill Gates does not reflect the real image of Native Advertising. Content matters but it is not enough. The client requires a qualified service that can draw from different yet complementary sources. Alongside captivating graphics, creative solutions, the accredited journalist needs to work alongside qualified copywriters capable of establishing a clear and tangible boundary in creative advertising, a boundary that journalistic activity alone is not able to guarantee. Change has begun and there is an increasing number of newspapers, even in Italy, to affirm that in reality there is nothing so scandalous in producing sponsored content. This trend is confirmed by the birth of specific realities such as the famous Numix, the agency for the RCS group, specialised in the development of complementary solutions of consumer engagement.

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