Present your company with a video: discover the advantages

A video? Is worth more than 1000 words!

Are you wondering whether it's worth making a company video? We offer you a little experiment. Try reading this text. In a world increasingly oriented towards aggressive and competitive digital strategies, you need a platform that can offer you turnkey service. Melascrivi provides you with your copywriter to create unique and original e-commerce articles and product sheets to share on the main local and national newspapers. Through its micro-influencers it gives you the opportunity to viralise your content and translate it into 20 languages. Not only that, with  CMS Picture you can choose the images that offer you a better ranking on search engines.

Have you read this text? Right, now try watching this video we made for you. Just one minute of video will tell you the same things that we told you in the previous paragraph in a simple, immediate and captivating way. The same content but a different impact! Entrusting a business presentation of your brand to a video is an intelligent move, a miracle of marketing that responds to the modern needs of speed and immediacy. We'll give you some numbers. All over the world, brands that use corporate movies have improved their ROI by 50% and one third of the time spent online is on Youtube and on social media. If the first 5 seconds are particularly engaging, as many as 77% of users watch the video clip until the end. Pretty good, isn't it?

I create, I see, I share!

Corporate videos are no longer something that only circulates among employees, shareholders or occasional customers. Internet and technology have cleared the videos from being simple business pluses, offering them to a wider audience, reachable in every corner of the world. This is the power of the digital age and this is the bet that your company cannot shun. A catchy corporate video can work wonders for your reputation. Versatile and profitable, the visual presentation of your brand is an essential part of your communication. However, at this point a question is almost esential: is any type of video ok?

The answer is absolutely not. To strike the imagination, to make your client dream and to show the concept of what you do, you need to rely on a professional platform. In a few steps, you can give your articles shape and substance with perfect videos and articles optimised for the your sharing channel of choice. Select texts and images, fonts, format, add your logo and press Start. In a short time your video will go viral! And if the videos are viewed and shared, it's an almost mathematical certainty that your company will acquire new customers. According to IDG, as many as 64% of consumers have searched for a brand after seeing one of their videos on social networks and 44% of these have become a buyer. The video is a hook that drives the customer to visit your site where it will find optimised and quality content.

8 advantages of corporate videos

Are you still reluctant? We give you 8 reasons to entrust the future of your business to corporate videos:

  • Videos are versatile, easily adaptable to anything you want to tell your audience.
  • They can improve the image of your company because they allow you to share a lot of information about you and what you produce
  • They simplify and make your message immediately understandable to online surfers, whatever their level of education and culture
  • They are cheap and easy to produce
  • Videos encourage sharing more than plain text
  • They generate more visibility, a factor that strengthens your online presence and brand authority
  • Videos creates trust

The last advantage it is perhaps one of the most important ones. Content marketing is entirely based on the concept of trust and on the creation of medium-long term relationships with potential customers. According to Mark Schaefer, the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, the new era of digital marketing requires more attention to relationships of trust. Not just traffic or content but the ability to "speak" and tell online people about your identity. Put simply. Stop selling and attract people with quality videos and relevant content!

Google and corporate videos: an elective affinity!

Moovly, a leading global content creation agency, offers us a very interesting statistic to reflect on carefully. You're 53% more likely to be first on Google if you have a corporate video embedded on your website. This is even more likely since Mountain View bought Youtube. From that moment on, each uploaded video favours positioning on search engines. Why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity? Optimise your videos, write interesting titles and descriptions, add a link to your site and wait for the customer to take the next step. And if we believe in the statistics, it will be a giant step!

We have given you several good reasons to start working on company videos. In the Internet age, video clips are effective and fundamental to promote your business and their popularity seems set to grow in the coming years. Videos are a new way of communicating, in line with social transformations, it is a certain means of impact and a tool capable of adequately supporting your text. Did we convince you?

Try out CMS Video!


Author: Monica P.

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