Smart Marketing, when the quality of Micro-Influencers is more important than quantity 

What are the new trends of 2018? Entrust micro-influencers on the social media strategy for your brand. Statistics speak for themselves. 84% of consumers say they rely on online reviews and word of mouth rather than tips from celebrities. A real turnaround that sees an goldmine in the small community of new marketing.

Micro-Influencer Marketing: macro vs micro!

In the beginning it was Facebook, then Twitter came along with Youtube and lastly Instagram, the undisputed realm of visual marketing. The unexpected entry and fame of social media in business strategies has created a curious phenomenon. The peak of likes and comments on a specific post are recorded in accounts that have roughly 1,000 followers. Over 100,000 fans instead, the involvement begins to decrease because the average user prefers to interact and relate to those who feel closer. No famous face then but the youtuber or the blogger capable of involving, telling and eliciting comments and reactions in those who follow them.

The true treasure of micro-influencer marketing is the active community and participation. The consumer becomes an agent and an integral part of content. They ask, they get information, they give life to their user experience engaging the opinion of those like them. Word of mouth is worth far more than a tip in full Kardashian-style! Our marketers have quickly detected this new market trend so much that Italy is the third country in the world to produce content sponsored by small influencers, according to the report "The State of the Marketing Influencer". A micro-influencer could be your neighbour or friend. They inspire trust, transparency. In short, there is a common denominator and a story to tell.

Micro-Influencers and smart marketing

The micro-influencer strategy has also revolutionised the world of Smart Marketing. Quantifiable, clear, measurable and relevant objectives meet in social networks and give rise to a new way of doing business. It's the perfect combination of innovative tools and models that help your brand achieve incredible potential. Micro-influencers usually deal with niche audiences, which concern particular topics that may concern fitness, well-being, beauty or fashion. They deal out tips, tricks, opinions and, thanks to the transparency that distinguishes them, can easily turn a community into a buying group.

Choose a micro-influencer because ...

Because it gives you so many advantages! Let's start from the first, one of the most important. Advertising given to a little-known face, compared to a return on investment (ROI) of 11%, costs you less in terms of an initial investment. This feature allows you to create more sponsored content and then generate more discussions around your brand.

The micro-influencer aims straight at the target you want. If you sell fishing rods, you will need a small audience but really interested in your product, a prerequisite to increase the conversion rate!

Lastly, a micro-influencer is credible, the story of a product narrated by the current youtuber is apparently real and trustworthy. Add to this algorithms that are the basis of social media such as on Facebook and Instagram that privilege the sharing of content derived from personal and non-business profiles. One more reason to choose CMS Share, the innovative service that CMS puts at your disposal. You only need a few moments to give your content the visibility it deserves thanks to a widespread network of freelancers and their Facebook and Twitter channels! What are you waiting for? Try it out!


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