The 4 trending topics for the Summer season

Attract, engage, inform and entertain users: these are the objectives that every good content marketing strategy strives to achieve. To do this, we use every form of content - article, podcast or video. The topics and activities to focus on vary, depending on the time of year. Here is what content to develop during August.

Travel Tips

First of all, keep in mind that August has always been the favourite month for travelling. After the boom of the holiday concept during the eighties, few people go without even just a weekend in the central month of summer. This is why a good editorial strategy can not be separated from a series of contents that provide users with travel tips and entertainment. Among the countries narrate you can focus on the tropics or a story about Rio and the beauties of Brazil, not to mention the European restaurants with the unmissable sea views without forgetting the capitals of the Old Continent. Summer is also a good time to advise strategies on people to avoid on the beach or how to prepare the perfect suitcase. Finally, do not overlook tips on the best outfit to use for travelling. These are well-structured articles that always attract new readers.

Back to school in September

Another classic of August's content strategies are articles on the theme of "Back to school". There is a huge business around children and their education, with a value of approx. $857 billion. It is a slice of the market that is impossible to ignore and therefore has to be intercepted with the right content that advises parents on the best purchases for their infants. The right video, article or podcast can push them to online stores. About 50% of teenagers make their purchase choices after getting information on social media.

Among contents to prepare are:

  • The 10 tools that the teacher will forget on returning to school
  • 5 looks for students
  • Are backpacks damaging children's backs?
  • The guide for survival in a student dormitory.

Beauty and well-being, staying in shape

After the excesses of the summer, your bathroom scales are screaming for revenge: for the copywriter it is time to focus on post-holiday diets, exercise and indoor sports, after the end of the summer. In fact, while children return to school, parents return to the gym, go on a diet or sign up for the English course that they have been trying to complete for years.

For this you reason, can focus on articles such as:

  • The weekly shopping-list to get back into shape
  • Exercises to do at home
  • The detox diet you can do even in the office
  • Winter sports that will let you lose weight
  • Beauty treatments to protect your skin after the sun

Inspirational articles

September is also the time we commit ourselves to restart a path of self improvement. You can buy books for children, ready to learn new things, and make a list of skills that you want to improve in your personal and professional life. It is a desire to conquer greater social prestige, sometimes also linked to the achievement of tangible success. This drive makes the efforts towards improving readings converge: for this reason, among the contents to be put in place in August there is a list of self-improvement books or how to become better sellers or more effective managers. The goal is to get to the heart of the consumer's needs and help them conquer this.

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