The advantages of receiving a text that is ready to be published

The Editing Team guarantee the best quality/price ratio

A virtual editing team consists of a restricted group of authors who will have exclusive access to their orders.

The editing teamsare rated according to the quality level of the authors, their subject of expertise and to any preference of the publisher (if you've already had the opportunity to collaborate with any of our authors).

By using a virtual editing team you will get:

  • a better quality/price ratio;
  • a greater flexibility in delivery time (from a minimum of two hours after ordering up to a maximum of 7 days);
  • a possibility of choosing and changing the authors that are part of your editing team.
  • Select authors based on their geolocation
  • NEW: now you can ask your favourite author to exclusively manage one or more articles or even an entire project.

A Professional Editing Team for high-level content

If your project requires expert journalists or copywriters, Professional Editing is what you need.

The authors who are part of the Professional Editing Team are hand-picked by the ContentMarketingSuite Staff and go through a training session dedicated to each project/briefing.

You can delegate the formatting of your content and get it ready for publishing!

The Formatting Service allows you to receive formatted texts, containing parts in bold, underlined, or italics. It also allows you to have a text formatted in HTML, with h1, h2, h3 and paragraph elements: just specify in the briefing what to format exactly and in what way!

Once you have accepted the text, you can:

  • view and modify the formatting, if necessary;
  • automatically export the text ready to be published on your blog.

Pictures are an essential part of your content!

Authors can choose the images to go along with your articles. Simply indicate the minimum size you require and the authors will do the search for you.

You will be able to view the suggested image before evaluating the article and, if necessary, ask for it to be replaced.

After you export the article, you will find the images directly in the body of the article or as the article's picture on your blog!

The images are selected from the images bank with Royalty Free licencing

Delegate the revision of your content to Proofreaders selected by ContentMarketingSuite

The proofreading service lets you assign the grammatical and syntactic revision of the texts delivered by the authors to a selected group of Melascrivi editors. In this way, the content will be delivered already revised and ready to be published.

However, the publisher retains the right to personally review the texts if they have not yet been assigned to a proofreader and to request further revisions if they are not satisfied with the final draft.

But that's not all! Visit the Plugin and Formats section and find out how to cut out the data entry process!


The Title Suggestion Tool helps you to outline the editorial plan

The RSS Feed service allows our customers to automatically request titles posted by sites that provide the feed service. Authors will have access, without any intervention from the publisher, to the freshest titles. In this way, your blogs will always be up to date! For each feed, you can set one or more completely customisable rules, indicating the time, the number of items to request, etc.

By adding the pertinent keywords, you can make use of our Title Suggestion Tool which allows you to get advice on article titles and news that you can immediately request from our authors. The Tool shows the more recent articles that are better indexed for search engines by the specified keyword.
If the title is interesting, you can immediately order the article, specifying the Project, the Guideline, the Formatting, and any other detail.
The Tool is currently in Beta version, limited to 5 searches per customer per day. Contact us if you think you'll need more Queries.

For more information on how to manage the RSS feed, see our tutorial here.

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