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Millennials are coming!

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube have no secrets for them. Their buying habits, preferences, and values are typical of a segment of society that has witnessed an unparalleled technological evolution. They are the Millennials, those who were born between the 1980s and 2000. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, by 2020 the yearly total expenditure of this so-called Y generation will amount to $ 1,4 billion in the US only. The fashion industry has been largely affected by the phenomenon; experts are increasingly discussing the close link between brand, business, and millennials. From a corporate video to websites, pictures, and related contents, digital marketing in the fashion industry is finding a new terrain to thrive! A brand makes products and millenials express their preferences, influencing customers based on a strong relationship of loyalty between audience and brand. This is the key to create a marketing model that turns its rules upside down by embracing tools that can catch the audience’s attention. New goals for the fashion industry can be achieved by effecting a multi-channel business presentation that relies on the latest technologies. Video, audio, and graphic design become central to a winning strategy.

What are you selling?

You brand is built on the concept that you are not simply selling clothes or accessories but rather a lifestyle. Millennials feed themselves on stories and first-time impressions, turning to those brands that are able to become part of their daily life by not being detached from reality or excluding interactions. Asos is a case history that will help us clarify this notion. The popular London-based business was able to make the most of user generated content, creating an Instagram account for their own influencers; these in turn have redirected their own followers to Asos’s personal profile. This little trick made the brand synonymous with a concrete lifestyle (and obviously boosted purchases too!).

Never Again without a Business Video

Do you think corporate videos are boring? Then you have never tried CMS Video. It allows you to realize in a few steps in less than 10 minutes the perfect video presentation for your brand. Have a look at the video that we made. What strikes you the most? I am sure you are focusing on the quick and catchy images telling your brand’s story and its products without filters. You have the chance to get your message across in a few minutes by relying on a powerful vehicle that engages the viewer through fast-paced communication strategies that appeal to the millennial generation that we described before. Here are some figures that will help you make up your mind. According to a recent survey, 55% of online users watch videos while 64% of them report to watch videos with background music. You should also know that a video make the click rate increase by 65%: you know what to go for now!

2 Tips for a Perfect Business Proposal

A business video enhances brand awareness, draws new costumers in, promotes products and improves brand reputation. It all comes down to deciding what to say in your business presentation. But let’s begin. A video is the most rapid vehicle to reach people’s minds and hearts. For example, let's think about Coke ads, ever since the beginning they strove to provoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. Storytelling, or the building of a narrative around a brand, is the perfect strategy to generate interest. The videos we design feature illustrative images that bring texts to life, with music as an extra support and source of engagement. This combination of elements stimulates an immediate emotional response and generates the attention. Are you running out of ideas? Here are two things you want to think about in building the perfect business video:

  • Length: Adults can focus for an average of 2 minutes and the most part watch videos on a mobile device. Your movie needs to be relevant, clear, short and effective. In this case, the shorter the better!
  • Speed: Users decide which video they want to watch in 10-15 seconds. To draw their attention you then need to engage them as quick as possible through a mesmerising video presentation. We are not saying that you need to use special effects bur rather to keep your video focused avoiding useless details or contextualised information on the company. Less is more in this case and you know why? You also want your costumers to watch your video until the end, where you usually include a Call To Action. If you bore them they will never keep watching until the end! You don’t necessarily have to create an emotional response. You just need to make them curious and give them a reason to watch your movie until the end.

Social Media? Yes, we can!

We already mentioned millennials. The worst mistake you can make is not sharing your business video on social media channels. Take Instagram for instance, the social network that rapidly became the temple of Visual Marketing; or think about Vimeo, which many consider an antagonist to YouTube. The generation you are addressing contributed to the dissemination of video contents, generating the so-called viral content phenomenon that ehances your brand reputation and popularity. By turning to CMS Video you will get the chance to create business videos that are able to communicate ideas, generate emotional responses or convey a kind of brand image that you can diversify based on the social media platforms you are using-- for instance by optimising your message or title. Is your fashion brand ready to embrace the amazing results of video contents?


Author: Monica P.

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